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Friday, March 21st, 2008
11:33a - I thought I'd go completely blogless today...
Since I'm boycotting LJ and all. This worked fine last night. I actually finished chapter four of my original baseball smut. All was cool, too, this morning. I spent the time I'd normally be reading LJ reading an actual BOOK. But then, I got to work. Managed for about an hour, and then thought: hey, I could always go on Insane Journal. *g*

So much for my bloglessness!

If I am going to hang out on IJ today, it seems only right to post aome smut. So here's an excerpt from my baseball thing. To sum up, there's a grumpy older pitcher and the young puppy of a catcher called up from the minors to work with him. This is their firt kiss.

Baseball smut )

Happy boycott day!

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